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Bad Genius-movie-kind-of-night.

One spontaneous date night with one of my best friends in high school got me thinking how time has a funny way of making us realize that all the things we’ve been worrying about were just passing through, and soon will be just a memory. But isn’t it wondrous how a remnant of the past makes you remember that old self you were trying to get rid of? Because I find it ridiculous, somehow. I realize that no matter how far I ran away from the things that makes me want to forget how stupid and selfish of a person I was, there will always be someone or something which will make me remember.

Anyway, guess what happened later that night? Mama was calling me for several times and I had to patch up an excuse because neither of us wants to go home just yet. And the result? Naabutan ako ng curfew sa subdivision!

Yeah, not so genius at all.

12 midnight after all has been dead asleep

The town starts snoring while her heart weeps

Talking to the moon with blood-shot eyes

I love him still, she realized

– L.A

(Nikon D3300)


Sorry mum, I ditched my class for food

This was the only escape I know right at the moment so I beg your pardon.

PS: My big tummy says she’s sorry too.