Error 404: Measure of Greatness


How good is being good, really? When everything’s done and goals are achieved, how can we say that we’re on the best state that we are? Because you see, the thing is we would never be satisfied. We would never be contented of the things we have or the person that we’ve become. There would always be a feeling of wanting to be on the next level.

And is it a good thing? Of course it is. But… not until we keep on wanting more; not until we become ungrateful, not until we become greedy and self-centered and obsessed.

… not until we lose our mind.

You see, that’s the trick. Our dreams are the manifestation of what we wanted to become and what we shouldn’t be. They lure us into thinking that becoming more of ourselves leads us to perfection.

How good is being good? When you exhaust yourself and put too much pressure on your head? When you keep on blowing out matches to dim other people’s lives? Well,

I hope not.


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