I miss home


So it’s 8:48 am of Wednesday and I just got home from an overnight at Cy’s apartment last night. I ran to take a bath just when I open the room of the dormitory I’m residing in. “Tanghali na!”  – are the words that kept running through my mind. I have no enough sleep; just a nap of approximately 20 minutes after I finished the news article at about 5:30 AM. And I need to remind myself that I still have a major class at 1:30.

 Yes, the bed is very inviting but the coldness of the water from the shower made me numb from exhaustion and pressure that I should be feeling because of school demands.

From Loren to Marimar


I never thought Philippine media can get more complicated than what it is right now. I was indeed walking blindly with my aspirations without further knowing what I get myself into. And creepy as it may seem, I could actually picture myself out as a kid with a random bulky guy behind me whispering, “hindi mo alam kung anong pinapasok mo, bata”.

That was the vast effect of reading From Loren to Marimar for an aspiring media practitioner like me. It was gruesome yet addicting.