Muse: Julie Ann De Juan

Camera: Nikon D3300

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6

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Blurry lines and crooked smiles

Unknown faces crossing the line

I can hear their wicked laughter

Please take me back in time

I feel like running since inception

But I can’t still find a way out

Is someone there yet? I’m begging

Please tell me what this is all about

This is not the escape I want

This is not what I thought it should be

I finished life to escape sadness

But it seems the past is still haunting me



She can feel the steel kissing her skin

As the blood drips fast and unruly

Now her wrist are left with trails

Of adversity and society’s verdict

Steady now, my ill-fated love

Doves are with you as you fly above



13 reasons why ep313 reasons why ep3 ii

I think it all boils down to one point – we can’t recognize what we feel and we can’t voice it out without having the fear of judgment.

This whole idea of depression isn’t something that is easily accepted and understood in the society. People would call it as something vague and shallow or just an excuse of a person going through it. The word was a curse to someone who hears it; more like a taboo.

That is why we keep it to ourselves, trying to comprehend the life we can’t understand. We feel useless and not worthy of all the love given to us that is why we push people away. The chaos and war inside our mind was too loud, all we could do was scream in silence. And it was excruciating – to find your place in this world when you can’t even know where you belong. Until then, we give up and let our inner demons eat us alive.

G A M E – O V E R.

There is something indescribable

In a way we feel content

With crashing waves and sand under our feet

Like how the wind touches our skin

With the glowing sun and us, underneath.

How beautiful it is to stay sane

In the middle of deafening metal bands

And indie music;

Red cups and trash packs.

Places we run to, people we confide

We almost lose track of time

Now, I want to hide